“Jangan Kutip Roy Suryo” banner @ depdiknas site

This time I’m curious about this banner placement…
Is it only another “person” played around or the site admin/the DEPDIKNAS really comes out to realize that the “pakar” were nothing but a selebrity wannabe….
this is the banner that appear at DEPDIKNAS

Jangan Kutip Roy Suryo banner

DEPDIKNAS = Departemen Pendidikan Nasional (National Board of Education)

that means, even the “educated” people were realize about this “selebrity”…


It looks like the site admin already remove the banner from the site…..


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2 Responses to ““Jangan Kutip Roy Suryo” banner @ depdiknas site”

  1. eve Says:

    Jangan kutib sayaaaa… jangan kutib sayaa….

    Soalnya statement saya ga pernah penting. 😀

  2. woelank Says:

    kl eve mah yg penting orangnya bukan statementnya


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