Life is so precious


You might had read this post a long time ago from email, bulletin or even forum. but I just want to share it again with you all…

taken from this site. (short of an archive of “soul toucher” story, mostly written in bahasa)

Life is so precious

Life that you live is a wonderful gift that we’ve accepted because there are challenges and possibilities that will make you learn and understand the reason you live.

Life is a chance for you to make all your dreams come true and prove how precious you are for many people around you.

Life is not a simple but all you have to do is just make it simple and easy because what makes it not simple is how you deal with it.

Life can be so cruel if you act cruel and life can be so sweet if you sweet to it.

So, it’s better to take your life easily and get used to it and be nice to your life.

woelank says:

There’s nothing I could say more about my life except there’s a lot of flavour in it… 😀


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