Guess the google

Are you using google as a search engine?
And you thing you always type the right clue for your search?
Try this game.
And find out how totally wrong you are….


6 Responses to “Guess the google”

  1. Trisna Says:

    WOW great game!
    i enjoy it… still playing it actually 😉

  2. woelank Says:

    and the results is……

  3. Trisna Says:

    And the result is…

    TETOOOT… time’s up!

    TETOOOT… wrong answer!

    TETOOT… you’re not a google material! go home!


    Yak… google is sick of you… go get a baby game lah…
    😆 😆 😆

    PS.bad news… my website is gone.. as in crashed… as in kaput… as in bye bye forever…


    And make another 3 new websites MUHAHAHAHA…

    just wait 😉

  4. woelank Says:

    were there anything wrong with your host, or is it because the automatic update to wordpress 2.6?

    Btw, You came to my old side blog at dagdigdug. The blog also have the same name with this site..

  5. Trisna Says:

    hehehe… my website is back to normal Weeeeepeeeeeyyyy 😉

    (*austin powers) ~ “Yeaaaaah Babe…”

    ~GUBRAK! sangking kesenengannya jadi norak…

    tadi sempet nyasar ke blog lama… ekekekeke (duh’)

  6. woelank Says:

    gw heran kok bisa nyasar kesana yah?

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