Info for parents and all – new kind of drugs

Got this on my email -thought I might as well distribute to friends, just to avoid unnecessary misfortune.

I mean…… There are really reaaallly sick people out there!

This is a new drug known as strawberry quick

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Yes We Can – Barack Obama Music Video

Yes, We Can! – Si, Se Puede!

Song & video, featuring a star cast, by of The Black Eyed Peas. Inspired by Barack Obama’s ‘Yes We Can’ speech.


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Jakarta Banjir Lagi

Gile, tau gini ga ke kantor dah. Udah tau pas di pluit banjir, akhirnya nekad pulang cepet jam 2 siang.
Pas lewat pluit lg, itu air udah sedengkul. Pas nyampe trisakti banjir udah sepaha yg paling rendah, plg dalem ampe dada org dewasa. Set dah.. Jakartaku kenapa? mo jd tempat wisata kolam renang terbesar di dunia?
sempet fotoin lokasi pas udah bisa lewat trisakti (tutup knalpot pake kanebo, bungkus pake plastik double trus dorong dah tu motor… untung ga mogok)

The Late Indonesian President HM SOEHARTO

My Deepest and Greatest Respect for The Late Indonesian President HM SOEHARTO.
Aside all his late fault, he still one of Indonesian best people.
Good Bye Mr. HM Soeharto. We will always remember you….